Sunday, July 20, 2008

luxury reborn

while flipping through the july 2008 issue of harper's bazaar (one of my favorite magazines) i came across a belvedere ad. not just any "vodka" ad, but one made famous by the well known photographer terry richardson and vincent gallo. of all the alcoholic advertisements, the belvedere ad goes above and beyond with simplicity. it oozes glamour and sophistication, yet is extremely youthful. i could not find the specific ad that i saw in the magazine so i decided to snap a picture of it myself.


it doesn't hurt that mr. gallo is incredibly wonderful to gaze at. yes, he is known for his infamous film, the brown bunny. mostly a pornographic film featuring chloe sevigny. but staring at this beautiful man made me long to watch the 30 second advertisement featuring vincent gallo crashing an uppity-sophisticated party. oh dear lord, what i would give for a man of his stature to crash one of my parties. in the meantime i'll just continue to watch the video with the amazing music produced by RZA.

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Robby said...

haha he is ruggedly handsome, i say that in the straightest way possible. i love reading what you have to say, keep it coming Staci, im learning so much about.....everything!