Saturday, July 19, 2008

italian getaway

i just returned home (california) from italy about two weeks ago. this was my first time out of the country. well, besides mexico, but i don't count that since it's on the same "land." it sounds ridiculous, i know. if any of you have traveled to europe than you know exactly what i mean when i say, it was like being in a "dreamworld."

i spent three weeks in italy. the first couple of days were spent in venice. i, then spent ten days in a cute, little beachtown called viareggio. my last few days were spent in rome. i did take a few day trips to places such as; lucca, and cinque terra, etc. the following are a few pictures from my italian excursion..

the grand canal (venice)

the leaning tower (pisa)
(my sister is in the yellow top, i'm hiding behind her; underneath my fedora.)

cinque terra

outside of the colosseum (rome)

the roman forums (rome)

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june said...

cool blog...i love italy to..i live there (in the north...) =) la dolce vita รจ!....ciao