Tuesday, September 30, 2008

song of the week.

sebastien tellier's "divine" music video was something that was all over the television while i was on holiday, in italy. my sister and i could not help, but laugh at this hilariously brilliant video. it doesn't hurt that the tune is quite kitschy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

a muse for shoes.


just like the collaboration with robert lee morris for jewelry; mary-kate and ashley's 'elizabeth and james' are collaborating with steve madden for what else; shoes of course. the line is expected to debut at high end global retails mid-2009. mka seem to be hitting all the right targets when it comes to expanding their "more affordable" line.

"we are excited to partner with steve madden to create the new elizabeth and james footwear line. with their proven experience in all aspects of design, production and distribution, we intend to take the contemporary shoe market to a new level," mary-kate stated.

and a new level you will take it, ms. olsen.

let's be blunt, shall we?

alexa chung, british television presenter

"i don't set out to be particularly rude, i'm just not very good at being subtle. do i patronize certain bands? it's possible, yes, and i'm sure they don't always deserve it, the poor souls."

and this is just another example of alexa chung's raw, get-to-the-real-point attitude.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

boy, look at her.

scott sternberg, designer for 'boy by band of outsiders' has chosen kirsten dunst as the face for his spring '09 lookbook. the line consists of loose, yet tailored pieces. unlike the polaroid shoot for fall '08 featuring michelle williams, the spring '09 lookbook has a simple white backdrop which i think displays the crisp and slouchy clothing just perfectly.






Wednesday, September 24, 2008

song of the week.

yes, i'm a bit late with the "song of the week" posting.i apologize. i have been running ragged for the past few days. blah.
cold war kids (as well as kings of leon, only by the night) had their new cd released yesterday. and of course, i had to purchase both cd's. i was merely impressed with both musical talents. their sounds may be different, but are impeccable. the video below is of the cold war kids single, "something is not right with me" from their sophomore album, loyalty to loyalty.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



charlotte ronson is teaming up with uber chic travel god's, globe-trotter. together, they have designed a limited-edition suitcase for the fall. while globe-trotter will be sticking to their signature style; ronson will add a few stickers to the statement piece. the suitcase will have a i've-traveled-around-the-globe-and-back feel to it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

the darjeeling (un)limited.


I just watched, "the darjeeling limited." I am aware that the film has been out for over a year now, but i never got around to actually renting it let alone seeing it in theatres. i'm incredibly glad that i was finally able to free myself so i could enjoy it. the wes anderson film did not dissappoint. in fact, it kept me on the edge of my seat, contrary to what others might think.

the leads in the film are: adrien brody, jason schwartzman, and owen wilson whom all play brothers who are on a spiritual quest to reconnect after not speaking to one another after a year. This is all done while traveling through india. what may surprise people is the "first part" to the darjeeling limited. 'hotel chevalier' serves as a 13 minute prologue to the film featuring a love story between jason schwartzman and natalie portman. although natalie portman does not reappear in the "second part" of the film, she does make a lovely impact. I was completely enamored by the 'first part' of the film as i saw it as a charmingly, seductive piece. The 'second part' of the film does give a few laughs and surprises. it's definitely worth seeing.

song of the week.

"i just don't know what to do with myself" was made famous by dusty springfield. i also love the version that, the white stripes have put their own electric twist on the classic song. on this particular monday i chose the video of kate moss' tasteful performance featuring the white stripes.

directed by:sofia coppola

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

midnight snack.


for the past two days i have been craving cupcakes, but not just any cupcakes. sprinkles cupcakes has to be the most decadent of them all. oh, what i would do for the red velvet version, or lemon, or chocolate...or any other flavor for that matter (except coconut). although, i would prefer to have my glass filled with soy milk or ice cold water.



just minutes ago i pre ordered mary-kate and ashley olsen's coffee table book, influence. i have been beyond words of excitement for the release of this book since it was introduced to the public at the beginning of the year. this book includes interviews of people that inspired mk and ash to break into the fashion industry. there are also exclusive interviews and never-before-seen photographs of the mogul twins. because my obsession with the olsen twins (mainly mary-kate) is profound i am likely to wait by my front door for the next month or so to await whatever shipping service that delivers the special package.

Monday, September 8, 2008

song of the week.

this video is an eery masterpiece from, bats for lashes. when watching, "what's a girl to do" i can't help but think that the entire video was inspired by donnie darko. i first discovered the song and video in late spring, and for a long time after i could not figure out who sang the song until i rediscovered it a few days ago.

bats for lashes is signed with parlophone records. along with a few more favorites such as: coldplay, the verve, babyshambles, hot chip, lcd soundsystem, sigur ros, and the beatles.

new york fashion week.

new york fashion week has begun. in reality, fashion week began at 8am this past friday, sept. 5. to be in the middle of all of the chaos that new york has to offer during the next week would be heaven on earth. although, i have missed a few shows..within the next couple of hours is when the great names of fashion will debut their collections for spring of 2009. there are several websites that give the general public access to most of the runway shows. i will try my best to post my favorite collection(s) each day. for now, i will dream of the utter madness that will be flowing throughout the great city of new york.
fashion week (new york): sept.5-sept.12

alexander wang, spring 2009 show.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

happy birthday.

happy birthday to me (two days late, of course) and to all of the other virgos.

this is one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies. the following scene is from marie antoinette, showing the title character celebrating her 18th birthday. to me, the celebration would be the ultimate way to spend a birthday. watching the sunrise with a few close friends is just icing on the cake.