Monday, July 21, 2008

song of the week

at the start of every week (we'll see how that pans out) i'm going to try and post a different song or music video that has a sweet beat.

while in italy it was impossible to watch mtv without seeing, cesare cremonini's 'dicono di me' music video. my sister and i found it undeniably charming and the twist at the end is just plain adorable. now, cesare cremonini is an italian artist so all of his music is in the same language. you can look up the translated lyrics; it is worth it. it's just a cute tune.

crumpets, tea, and amelie

i have been longing for an elegant tea set for awhile now. i just don't think it is very practically for me to buy a set when i'm still living at home with my parents. that will all change in about a month or so; then i will finally be able to own one of my very own.


what would be even more perfect, is having a cup of tea while watching one of my all-time favorite films. (which i finally bought a few days ago)
'amelie' is a charming little story. i decided to put up the "english" version of the trailor, instead of the original (french) version. that way you could get a better idea of what the film is about, if you don't already know. the film is in french, but luckily there are subtitles. this was my very first foreign film that i watched in it's entirity, which then started my love affair with foreign films.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

berry of black

ever since having my little hand held device, i have not gone a day without it. (except for the three weeks that i was on holiday in europe, but i would give up my blackberry in a flash for another trip to that continent.)

this also seems to be the case with many celebrities,
i've picked two of my many favorites in hollywood.

sienna miller

mary-kate olsen

nostalgic times

while heath ledger is still on my mind i couldn't help getting emotional looking at this photo of the perfectly, loving pair. matilda will constantly be reminded of just how adorable her parents were as a couple.


the dark knight

about 24 hours ago i was sitting on the edge of my seat in an imax theater watching, the dark knight. the very first time heath ledger appeared on the screen i literally felt my heart drop. his portrayal of the joker was absolutely remarkable, as was the rest of the movie. i have never watched a movie where i forgot that the character was being played by a famous actor. heath ledger's performance is definitely oscar-worthy and i would be highly disappointed if that title does not become his. every movie i have seen of heath ledger has been incredible, but the joker character is in a ballpark all its own. this movie deserves to shatter all of the previous box office records, if not for the enire film...than the late heath ledger and his incredible performance.

i am still in awe at how one person can throw themselves into a role the way mr. ledger did. i would like to compare heath ledger's work as the joker to that of johnny depp and daniel day lewis. that is a great compliment all in itself. in loving memory of an amazing actor.

luxury reborn

while flipping through the july 2008 issue of harper's bazaar (one of my favorite magazines) i came across a belvedere ad. not just any "vodka" ad, but one made famous by the well known photographer terry richardson and vincent gallo. of all the alcoholic advertisements, the belvedere ad goes above and beyond with simplicity. it oozes glamour and sophistication, yet is extremely youthful. i could not find the specific ad that i saw in the magazine so i decided to snap a picture of it myself.


it doesn't hurt that mr. gallo is incredibly wonderful to gaze at. yes, he is known for his infamous film, the brown bunny. mostly a pornographic film featuring chloe sevigny. but staring at this beautiful man made me long to watch the 30 second advertisement featuring vincent gallo crashing an uppity-sophisticated party. oh dear lord, what i would give for a man of his stature to crash one of my parties. in the meantime i'll just continue to watch the video with the amazing music produced by RZA.

mischa for nylon

'tis the season for distressed denim. and what better way to put it on display than on young hollywood? as a loyal subscriber to nylon for the past couple of years i have never been disappointed with their cover choices (except for the time christina aguilera had been chosen). nylon has come through once again, as mischa barton graces the cover of the august 2008 issue.


despite the "cellulite issue" and her lack of movie/television roles i still adore mischa barton. yes, she was on three seasons of one of my favorite television shows of all-time (that would be, the o.c for those of you who were living under a rock between 2003-2007), besides that not one person can deny her natural beauty.

there are stories circulating about nylon's troubles of retouching photos due to ms.barton's "cellulite," but i'm convinced that this is a terrible rumor. i didn't want to spoil the entire shoot, so the following is just a peak at what you can enjoy in the august issue of nylon.




Saturday, July 19, 2008

agyness deyn

ever since i first saw the "up and coming model" agyness deyn in teen vogue a few years back i was astonished. astonished that the media/fashion industry were raving about her. i didn't find anything special about her. but ever since seeing her in "the beat" burberry perfume ad (despite the fact that she has been dropped from the label due to "overexposure") my opinion has changed a bit. this can also be due to the fact of the whimsical music choice (the fratelli's)

what made my opinion change even more was seeing the following video a couple of months back. this is a song from, five o'clock hereos featuring agyness deyn. it just comes to show that models can do much more than glide across a catwalk.

little extras: italy

in the latter post i showed some pictures from my trip in italy. the following pictures i have just posted are "little extras" in italy that i found absolutely fascinating.

marble-lined canal (padule)

everyone uses clothes lines instead of dryers during the summer (cinque terra)

countryside in the tuscan region (padule)

every water fountain was just as beautiful (lucca)

graffiti at a train station (place unknown)

and despite all of the signs posted near the sistine chapel demanding "no photography" i managed to sneak in a few shots. i definitely think it was worth breaking a rule or two...

michelangelo's; the last judgement (the sistine chapel, rome)

italian getaway

i just returned home (california) from italy about two weeks ago. this was my first time out of the country. well, besides mexico, but i don't count that since it's on the same "land." it sounds ridiculous, i know. if any of you have traveled to europe than you know exactly what i mean when i say, it was like being in a "dreamworld."

i spent three weeks in italy. the first couple of days were spent in venice. i, then spent ten days in a cute, little beachtown called viareggio. my last few days were spent in rome. i did take a few day trips to places such as; lucca, and cinque terra, etc. the following are a few pictures from my italian excursion..

the grand canal (venice)

the leaning tower (pisa)
(my sister is in the yellow top, i'm hiding behind her; underneath my fedora.)

cinque terra

outside of the colosseum (rome)

the roman forums (rome)

let's focus on the real topic(s)

there really isn't one focus when it comes to this particular blog. in fact, this blog reflects on what i find interesting such as: fashion, traveling, music, films and such.
it'll be lovely...i promise.
ciao! for now.
daria werbowy, kate moss, lara stone photography: bruce weber
(w magazine, july 2008)