Sunday, July 20, 2008

the dark knight

about 24 hours ago i was sitting on the edge of my seat in an imax theater watching, the dark knight. the very first time heath ledger appeared on the screen i literally felt my heart drop. his portrayal of the joker was absolutely remarkable, as was the rest of the movie. i have never watched a movie where i forgot that the character was being played by a famous actor. heath ledger's performance is definitely oscar-worthy and i would be highly disappointed if that title does not become his. every movie i have seen of heath ledger has been incredible, but the joker character is in a ballpark all its own. this movie deserves to shatter all of the previous box office records, if not for the enire film...than the late heath ledger and his incredible performance.

i am still in awe at how one person can throw themselves into a role the way mr. ledger did. i would like to compare heath ledger's work as the joker to that of johnny depp and daniel day lewis. that is a great compliment all in itself. in loving memory of an amazing actor.

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