Friday, January 30, 2009

don't stop the beat.

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for the past two or three years i've been trying to attend "coachella" down in indio, ca (palm springs). every single year has ended with me being frustrated because none of my friends had the money or knew any of the bands playing during the three day festival. yes, it is understandable, but i still wanted to go. well, this year looks like it is about to change for the better. after reading the lineup and letting a friend of mine know that 'the killers' will be headlining one day, was enough for them. tickets for the music festival went on sale at 9 am this very morning.

for $99 day passes and $269 three-day passes, i feel is completely worth it. from 11am until midnight, for three days, exceptionally great music plays all around. you simply can't escape it, and why would you if you're paying that amount? 77 days until the big days(s) arrive, but who's counting? besides the coachella website and myself, of course. i can't seem to pull myself away from the site, for i keeping scanning the lineup with excitement. if i can, im going to try and convince my friends that the three day pass is worth the money in so many ways.

in no particular order, i can not wait to see the following performances from:

april 17th
paul mccartney (he's a beatle, for goodness sake.)
leonard cohen (beautiful music)
silversun pickups
conor oberst and the mystic valley band (my love for bright eyes.)
beirut (i would be honoured to witness this performance.)
the black keys (they had me at, psychotic girl)
the ting tings
crystal castles
m. ward
the presets (i can see this being exceptionally fun)
steve aoki

april 18th
the killers (because i've always loved them.)
amy winehouse (i have a special place in my heart for her.)
band of horses
fleet foxes
travi$dj-am (this will be incredible, i know it.)
dr. dog
blitzen trapper

april 19th
the cure (they are classic)
my bloody valentine
yeah yeah yeahs
lupe fiasco (he's so great, live)
peter bjorn and john
the kills (i hope kate moss shows)
sebastien tellier (i think this performance would be hilariously great)
the night marchers

you can check out the entire line-up at

Monday, January 26, 2009

song of the week.

i can honestly say that i haven't heard much from, of montreal. just a few songs here and there. but, the one song that has caught my attention and having me repeat is, "an eluardian instance." the song is completely cheerful and i really enjoy the trumpet sounds that go along. any unsuspecting instruments are really a weakness for me and has me enjoy tunes that much more. although the video looks as if it were shot by an amateur, i think it has great character. the whimsical features seem to go perfectly with the charisma that 'of montreal' shares through their music.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

in peace.

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today marks one year since heath ledger's passing. the talented actor's oscar nomination for supporting actor was announced earlier today. he definitely deserves the recognition for his short, but successful career.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


yes, i am one of many who fell in love with the giuseppe zanotti /balmain heels when they pounded on the spring '09 runway. the balance between delicate and rugged is mere perfection.

but, at $1720, it is completely out of my budget...


aldo has designed a couple of their own versions. and now we have a more affordable way to achieve the look. the "smeal" (top) and the "molavi" (bottom) both ring up at $125. now they might not be the same piece of art that giuseppe zanotti/balmain has achieved, but aldo does come pretty close.

Monday, January 19, 2009

song of the week.

la blogotheque take away shows, feature musical talents performing their music out and about. all of the videos are really incredible and show what talent the individuals have without being enhanced by any type of recording equipment. grizzly bear's "knife" is such a great song, but seeing them perform live solidifies what they have to offer. what makes this short film most interesting is the fact that they are walking through the streets of paris. i can't even imagine what it would be like to witness a musical act, along with a camera crew, in the streets of paris. i prefer this short video to the actual 'knife' music video. this song is often on repeat and i have not seen any sign of me not listening to it in that fashion, so i will continue with my same routine.

Monday, January 12, 2009

song of the week.

upon first hearing, blitzen trapper's "furr" i was completely mesmerized. and have been before, during, and after i play this lovely tune. lead singer, eric earley's voice seems to hold the perfect twang with a slight yodel that seems to fade after every note that he hits. and, i just can't get enough of the organic graphics of cutouts and drawings throughout the music video. let's not forget that blitzen trapper also has many other tunes that are more than worthy of any listener.