Friday, March 13, 2009

i can see a lot of life in you.

asia argento, photography by: stacey mark

i've just discovered a little piece that i wrote almost three years ago. it was towards the end of the summer after i graduated from highschool that i started to find myself and change for the better. i went through a certain situation that i don't remember in detail, but it impacted me enough to put my thoughts in writing. hopefully, it can be of some inspiration to others...

'why is it that when something bad happens you overcome it, but then a little while later something rains on your parade? i believe that overcoming something is only half of the battle, the rest of the battle is staying on that same road and trying to stay content.

at times you may not feel like you can live up to a certain person or what others may want you to be. in your mind there is that one person who will always be more interesting or more extreme than you are. and when you think about it, you wonder why you can't just let that not bother you; but it does. you're afraid that a person will see that other someone as something "just a little bit better." so you worry, and at the end of the day there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

so why keep on thinking about something or someone that you can't live up to? but the thing is why do you think that you can't live up to them? sure, they are a bit more exciting in ways that you are not..but you have qualities that they will never aquire. all in all, you have to think about yourself and never let someone's supposed thoughts change who you are.

if they find that person to be just "a bit more better than you," who cares. there are others who will see your qualities. and if it is not now, it'll be later. when you think about who you are just know that you will compromise, but you will never compromise yourself.'

p.s i hope you all have a nice weekend.


Call Me Cat said...

fierce is fun to say haha :)

Elizabeth said...

your piece of wrting really just helped me out a great deal, thank you. :)

electric feel said...

oh wow it's fantastic
like the pic, too!

kiki said...

pretty picture...and thought provoking
also i finally got around to adding you to my links!!