Wednesday, March 18, 2009

at a loss for moss.

kate moss being one of my favourite models and ryan mcginley being one of my favourite photographers, it's no wonder that i find these photos to be just near perfection. they're all so dreamy, yet entirely natural. this most definitely has to be one of of my favourite. i really can't explain it in words, but i do believe that the photos speak for themselves.

and if you enjoy this little number by ryan mcginley, i highly suggest that you stop by his website (shown below the photos) ; and listen to sigur ros,'gobbledigook while you view. i posted the video awhile back, and the whole cinematography screams ryan mcginley, i absolutely love it. he does much nude photography, but it is all incredibly tasteful. i'm not sure what my fascination is with nude photography, but i feel that if it is tastefully shot then it could be wonderfully beautiful.

kate moss, photography by: ryan mcginley
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♥ fashion chalet said...

Some of the best Moss shots EVER, huh? :]


nuha nuha said...

kate the great.

cheap thrills said...

these are amazing

cheap thrills said...

oh, before i forget, thanks for the birthday wishes :)

electric feel said...

ahhhh another kate fan, like me

and of course the shoots are fantastic

have a nice day

Lizy Curtis said...

beautiful images! I love the lighting.


nuha nuha said...

ohhh thank you for the comment! so true, backstage photos are the best, it talks more about the show and the people! models seem much more human backstage than on the runway ;] ooh thank you, will link you!!!! swap links yes yes? love your coverage on the shows! the last black ensemble by preen is divvvvine!!!

kiki said...

yes! lovelovelove these...
moss/mcginley is a perfect combiation...
i have them all printed out and on my inspiration board...