Monday, December 15, 2008

song of the week.

australia's youth group, "forever young" is a cover of, alphaville. i have preferred the version that 'youth group' has to offer ever since hearing it on an episode of, the oc. and now, i love it even more after discovering the "music video" which is really just footage from a 1975 skateboarding championship. i'm not sure what my fascination is with home movies and excellent music playing in the background, such as the last "song of the week" post. i just find it all so nostalgic, although none of the "home movies" pertain to me. the footage from the skateboarding championship is very, lords of dogtown...and that is just incredible.

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El Royal said...

love the song, and the video, you're right, there is something about home videos and music. and not even knowing who the people are in the video, or where they are now kinda makes it that much more interesting