Thursday, January 26, 2012

floral whiplash.

photo via: 4th and bleeker

now, this looks like an ensemble that is only appropriate to wear around your beach house on holiday..this lingerie-like swimsuit from zimmerman seems too pretty to actually touch a grain of sand or water. but, i'd wear it every chance i got (even under a sheer blouse for a little pop of color). and the saturated floral shirt, also from zimmerman serves as a beautiful cover-up.


Fashion Insanity said...

That floral shirt is perfect, love it!!

electric feel said...

this woman is just pure perfection. 4th and bleeker is one of my fav blogs!

sikander said...

Daily News Updates best and nise ,cool information about fashion.hope you share more.and the styles of fashion you show are full of glamorous and perfect.