Wednesday, June 30, 2010

these girls fall like dominos.


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these two images have been circulating my thoughts ever since i caught sight of them awhile back. australian model, alexandra agoston somehow is able to keep herself composed while being ethereal and edgy. and the alexander wang leather corset shorts that stevie dance so perfectly presents, reminds me of an old pigskin from the 20's.


Phuong said...


electric feel said...

the first photo is amazing, this girl is such a beauty!

trademark lawyers Melbourne said...

Love your leather shorts. Cool

anjj said...

Love the dark lipstick!

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Unfair Dismissal Lawyers Melbourne said...

This girl is amazing. Simple outfit with cool looking

Tennis Academy Melbourne said...

Lovely post thae short is amazing cool

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh, is she wearing a short-sleeve short over one with long sleeves, or are the sleeves two-toned? The tan fabric looks sheer almost, and lovely paired with the dark gray!

Belated thanks for your sweet comment! ♥


italian fashion holiday. said...

susanna-cole, i think the sleeves are two-toned..or at least they look that way to me. i love this top!