Tuesday, January 5, 2010

best to give praise where praise is due.

photo via: solestruck.com

i am the new and proud owner of these beauties (i did buy the pair, opposed to just the one shoe). oh, jeffrey campbell...never have thumbtacks looked so appealing.


caroLove said...

omg those shoes are amaaazing! you lucky girl!

I just enrolled at canada college, its in redwood city, and they also have fashion merchandising, so I am excited to be going there =) It is about a 20 to 30 min drive because I live in San Jose.

do you live in San Francisco?

The Lion & The Unicorn said...

oh wow! there amazing. great buy.

Panda said...

I. am. so. jealous.
These are incredible! You lucky girl, i love the detail at the wedge. so fucking cool.

Panda x
*follows you*

Mcmaris said...

Those are awesome. I am jealous!!!!


Maria Tavares said...

Coolest shoes ever!!! Loved it :D

electric feel said...

oh my effing good!
i would walk them to death!
lucky girl