Thursday, July 9, 2009

but, for now we are young. let us lay in the sun.

photography by: dustin humphrey

the theory about six degress of separation definitely comes into effect when discussing my connection to surfing. the closest i've ever come to surfing is having close friends who take part in the activity once or twice a day. but, even if one has never experienced the adrenaline rush when riding a "swell" they can still appreciate the art that is of dustin humphrey. his innovative photography is captivating on so many levels. it really can't be described...just shown.


Alanna said...

I think the six degrees of seperation is creepy, almost chilling, but of course its pretty cool! love all of these pictures!

Coco said...

these photos are fabulous!

kyle said...

I like the insight photos!!! I didn't know these photos were dustin humphrey's though.... I love it. Check out "sipping Jetstreams" its a surf film by taylor steele, but dustin does all of the photography.... really cool