Monday, May 4, 2009

you said you're not ready for that.





soko, photography by: edouard plongeon
photos via:

soko's ability to make her music blunt and cute is quite the task. her all-too-honest lyrics are somewhat downplayed by her childish way of speaking. this way, she can perfectly disguise the lyrics that could be easily offensive if anyone else were to sing them. when first viewing these photos i couldn't help but feel completely captivated. soko, in the natural scenery caught in black and white, looks like a young girl playing dress-up on her grandparents' property.


Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog, fantastic pictures you have here! love them :)
I shall be stopping by often!


electric feel said...

love your description of soko and her fantastic music!
you're 100 % right!

feather hunter said...

awesome photos! im so inlove with your header! xxx

blackbook said...

beautiful are right...definitely has the feel of playing dress ups in some big old garden...

miriam said...

WORD! i love these photos.. xx