Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's not what, it's how.

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i have succumbed to impulse shopping. the above photo is of the silk dress that i have just purchased from ron herman. although i'm not in the position to browse, let alone shop at any online stores, i am happy about the price. the 'haute hippie' dress that i purchased was originally $600, but i am pleased to have taken the last of it's kind at a mere $150. i couldn't resist the combination of the 75% mark down and the beautiful brass sunburst that hovers over most of the front and back of the dress. what made me even more pleased to have purchased the frock, was the comparison i made with other websites. 'tobi' is selling the exact same dress for a total of $550. it should be a crime that 'tobi' is allowed to sell the same item for the original price, but it should also be a crime that i took the last of it's species at the depletion of the price.

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