Monday, November 10, 2008

song of the week.

i first witnessed 'anathallo' when they opened for 'the format' in early 2006. never had i heard them before, but i was in complete awe during their entire set. their sound is enchanting and enthralling. i was most impressed by the arrangement of various instruments, almost if that alone was art on display. their stage presence will put any person into a trance, yet will allow them to interact as well. hanasakajiijii four(a great wind, more ash) is based on a japanese fairytale from their debut album, "floating world." and this month of this year seem to be an exciting time for anathallo as they have released their sophomore album, "canopy glow." also, on the 12th of this month, they will embark on their european/parts of asia tour.

and just a side note: former lead vocals, nate ruess of 'the format' and andrew dost formerly with anathallo have formed their own project, "fun." 'fun' will tour north america with jack's mannequin starting this month.

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