Thursday, October 16, 2008

your name is heard in high places.


while perusing through venice's san marco plaza i came across the most charming cafe. caffe florian is known as venice's first cafe and has been around since 1720. just walking by the open doors one can imagine all of the talent that has graced the infamous place. anna sui has even named this luxurious spot as her "favorite place to have a drink." although i was not able to experience the tasteful decor this past summer, i plan on dropping in when i do visit venice once again. before then, i do plan on watching 'the talented mr. ripley' for caffe florian makes a cameo.

caffe florian photo

the one secret i did learn during my three week stay in italy, is that of coffee sans milk after breakfast hours. when first hearing this, i thought it was some type of tourist myth, but i quickly discovered it to be true. while dining out one night, i decided to have a, caffe latte (coffee with milk) with my dessert. as i ordered this i was shocked at the disgust of the waiter, although he did serve the caffe latte with a smile. for some reason, any coffee beverage with milk after 10 am is looked down upon in italian society. this must be the reason i have learned to drink coffee a la espresso, or just plain black.


michelle said...

That cafe looks adorable! Oh how I want to go back to Italy..

El Royal said...

i remember you telling me about this place, it looks amazing, wish i could have gone with you. we'll have to find our own little place in new york or something like that :)

Bespoke Holidays Italy said...

Look the look of this.